Attn: Employers of Massage Therapists: a law licensing Massage Therapist’s was p…

Attn: Employers of Massage Therapists: a law licensing Massage Therapist’s was passed in Michigan. As of November 29, 2014, Massage Therapists must be licensed. If you know a Massage Therspist or employ a Massage Therapist, help us make sure they know. The window for grandfathering is closing soon. The school will help anyone who needs information. Contact Lakewood School at 810-987-3959 or

The only credential that used to exist was for MTs to be Nationally Certified. This credential is no longer available to new graduates of Massage Therapy School. Licensure is the credential that should be expected by all employers. National Certification has changed to Board Certified in Massage Therapy and is only available to practitioners who have accomplished the additional requirements of certification. It is optional and not available to new graduates. The National Certification Exam was once used as a licensure exam, but is no longer going to be used for licensure, but only certification which is voluntary and optional.

It would be best for Massage Therapists and the public if all Massage Therapists use the same title and initials. We (at Lakewood School) are suggesting and encouraging our graduates to use the title Licensed Massage Therapist, and the initials LMT after they are awarded licensure.
**Lakewood School of Therapeutic Massage will provide you with assistance in obtaining licensure. We help not only our graduates, but any Massage Therapist who needs help. If you are unsure how to apply, or if you are eligible for licensure through grandfathering, contact the school


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