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Massage Therapy Program Course Descriptions - 750 Hour Curriculum

Core Curriculum


Kinesiology / 100 Hours

Through the use of various teaching methods, students will learn about muscles and muscle groups, specific to massage therapy, including; location, origin and insertion, function, and how they move the body.


Professional Development / 118 Hours

Within this interactive classroom experience students will; explore client scenarios, develop communication skills, understand scope of practice and professional relationships, create a resume, business plan, and career preparation specific to massage therapy.


Massage Theory & Technique / 148 Hours

This class provides the opportunity for students to apply what they are learning as they progress through the program. At the end of the first quarter, students will have learned basic massage strokes and developed the ability perform a one hour relaxation massage. This provides the foundation for all the other applications students will learn, as well as, the how to create an individual plan of care for each client.


Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology / 144 Hours

This class focuses on the study of the human body in health and disease, along with the structure and function of all the systems of the body. Course material examines disease awareness, functional changes in the body that result from disease processes, infection control, medications, general treatment planning, in conjunction with, precautions and adjustments to each body system, as it relates to massage. *This class is taught in an online format, allowing students to manage this course work according to their schedule. Group discussions with the instructor will be held virtually.

Supplemental Classes / 48 Hours

Supplementals are offered as a wellness series, in which holistic approaches and self-care concepts are discussed, as related to clients and the practitioner.

Wellness– The focus of this class is on wellness as a lifestyle choice. The physiological aspects of wellbeing will be discussed, including; movement, breath, water, nutrition, sunlight, and rest. These aspects will be explored through group activities.

Lymph– Manual Lymphatic Drainage massage is a light, skin-stretching massage that works to encourage the natural movement of lymph throughout the body. Basic techniques are taught to help reduce edemas, inflammation, and prevent lymphodema. 

Body/Mind– Various connections between the body and mind will be discussed, the most current research and discoveries will be explored, and ways to utilize these concepts with clients will be discussed. Students will experience this connection through yoga, mindfulness, and mental training techniques in this interactive class.

Nutrition– Several concepts for leading a healthy lifestyle through nutrition will be covered, along with information on how the foods we eat affect our bodies. http://williamswellnesshealth.com

Hydrotherapy/Intro to Spa– In this hands-on class, students will learn about the effects of various hydrotherapy modalities, and the proper use of applications for general and specific conditions. Contraindications and safety precautions will be discussed, as well as, spa therapies that can be used in a dry room.

Ethics– This class is required by the State of Michigan for licensure. The foundational principles and concepts of ethical behavior will be discussed. Important elements of professional relationships will be explained and explored through group activities and interaction.

*supplemental classes are offered twice within the 10 month program

Student Clinic / 96 hours


Student clinic provides a mock work experience. After successful completion of the first quarter, students will begin working with the general public. Under the guidance and supervision of an instructor, students will learn; how to conduct an effective client intake, how to take proper S.O.A.P. notes, and how to formulate an appropriate treatment plan for each client.

Lakewood’s clinic client base provides a variety of body sizes, shapes, and conditions for students to work with. These clients are very supportive of the teaching environment and give feedback on the service in the form of a rating scale evaluation for the student after each massage. In addition to providing students with information to improve their skill set, this interaction also gives students the opportunity to develop client rapport and relationships. Clients can request to be scheduled with a specific student, providing students with the experience of working consistently with a client over a longer period of time.

Student Clinics are occasionally held as an outreach service within the community. Various businesses and organizations request our off-site chair massage service to enhance their event. Outreach Clinics are another great way for students to network with potential clients and employers.

Students attend an average of 12-14 hours of on-campus clinics per month.

Lakewood Student Clinic hours are: Wednesday 3p – 7:30p  and Friday 9a – 1:30p

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