Workshop Descriptions

Aromatherapy I (16 hours)

This class is designed to introduce participants to Essential Oils and “True” Aromatherapy. We explore the profiles of 18-20 Essential Oils, discuss a variety of application methods, and create custom blends for a specific therapeutic benefit. Each student will receive a starter kit of oils that is theirs to keep. There is a lab fee of $35.00 payable directly to the instructor on the day of class.

Orthopedic Massage – Upper Extremity (16 hours)

This class includes numerous ways to evaluate and treat dysfunction and/or pain in the neck and face, arms, wrists and hands. We will cover assessment of the joints and numerous treatments for several patterns of pain and restriction. Specific treatments will include cross fiber fraction, skin rolling, muscle stripping, pin and stretch, positional release and fascial mobilization. Also covered are self-help techniques for use with yourself or giving to clients to follow up and continue working on their own.

Intro to Cranial Sacral (16 hours)

Cranial Sacral Therapy (CST), also known as Craniosacral Therapy, is a light touch modality based on the principles of cranial osteopathy. The focus of the work is to support and enhance the body’s immune function and healing ability. Participants will learn to monitor craniosacral rhythms, perform transverse plane releases, and design a CST session for health enhancement.

Hot Stone Massage (16 hours)

This class introduces modification of massage strokes utilizing heated stones. This reduces stress to the therapist while adding the benefit of heat to the client. The result is a relaxing & rejuvenating session for the client. The use of cold rocks and their therapeutic application will also be included.

Fascial Therapy (16 hours)

This course explores the theory and mechanism for connective tissue restriction within the body. Participants learn about the different kinds of fascia. Specific releases designed to decrease fascial restriction, restore motion, and eradicate pain will be demonstrated and practiced including fascial diaphragm holds, cross arm technique and lumbo-sacral decompression, and dural tube mobilization. Please bring lab clothes.

Intro to Reiki (16 hours)

Reiki is a Japanese energy work modality. Experience energy, learn how it impacts massage, and gain the tools to effectively use it in a session. Including reiki results in a deeper relaxation and a truly full body experience for your clients. Tools and self-care techniques are also included to nurture the therapist and give as home care to clients.

Reflexology (16 hours)

Participants will learn this ancient therapy which accesses the entire body through reflex points located in the feet. You will learn specific points that reflex to the body’s organs to help yourself and others deal with stress and energize and balance the body. Also included are different flows to energize, balance, and/or relax the body.  This workshop includes the giving and receiving of a full reflexology session.

Table Shiatsu (16 hours)

This class adapts traditional Shiatsu techniques for use on a massage table. Participants receive information regarding meridians and meridian stretches. Also included are range of motion exercises, stretches, and specific therapeutic Shiatsu techniques. Participants will incorporate the new techniques into a complete flow.

Orthopedic Massage – Lower Body (16 hours)

This class includes assessment and treatment of soft tissue dysfunction of the mid-back, low back, hip, knee and ankle regions. Participants will learn techniques/treatments that focus on specific conditions such as limited range of motion, sciatica, piriformis syndrome, psoas dysfunction and sacroiliac dysfunction. Techniques presented will be muscle firing patterns, fascial mobilization, muscle stripping, pin and stretch, and trigger point approaches.

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