Workshop Schedule

Workshops at Lakewood School are approved by the State of Michigan for Continuing Education (CE) for Massage Therapists Licensure renewal.

Two prices are listed, the discount price and the regular price. To get the discount, you need to register and pay at least two weeks in advance.

The 16 hour workshops are both Saturday & Sunday from  9 a.m. – 5 p.m. unless otherwise specified.

It is a prerequisite of all Level II Workshops, that Level I be completed first. Students must have completed 160 hours of massage training to be eligible to take Sports Massage, Carpal, and/or Myofascial I.

*There is a $35 lab fee for the Aromatherapy Workshop that is payable directly to the instructor on the first day of the class. For your fee, you receive a little kit of essential oils to create different blends. The oils and blends you make are your to keep.

Please bring lab clothes (bike shorts and a T-Shirt or a bathing suit) to the Myofascial Workshops.

2 Day Workshops

Topic Dates Discount Date Discount/ Regular Cost
Ortho. Massage: Lower Body w/Rob Kelly 11/14/2020–11/15/2020 Oct 30 $240/$265
Hot Stone Massage w/Garry Adkins 11/21/2020–11/22/2020 Nov 6 $240/$265
Intro to Reiki w/Amy Pavlov 01/09/2021-01/10/2021 Dec 25 $240/$265
Healing Touch (8 hour) w/ Renette Dickinson & Career Services (8 hours) w/ Dawn Newman 01/16/2021-01/17/2021


*Can take one or both classes

Jan 1 $240/$265


*1- 8 hour class $120/ $133

Ortho. Massage: Upper Body w/Rob Kelly 01/23/2021-01/24/2021 Jan 8 $240/$265
Aromatherapy w/ Renette Dickinson 04/10/2021-04/11/2021 Mar 26 $240/$265
Intro to Cranial Sacral w/Kathy Paholsky 05/01/2021–05/02/2021 Apr 23 $240/$265

Ethics Class date (Supplementals) that would be helpful to those who need Ethics and Human Trafficking courses.  The class time is 9-1 on October 12th, the cost is $60.

To register for a Workshop, contact Lakewood School of Therapeutic Massage at (810) 987-3959, or stop in and visit us at 1102 6th Street, Port Huron, MI 48060 during business hours.

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