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Lakewood School of Therapeutic Massage Placement Services

The following Placement Services are available to all current students and graduates of Lakewood School of Therapeutic Massage

  • Resume and Cover Letters Development
  • State Licensure Assistance
  • Reference Library with a variety of resources about Professional Development (contract negotiation, communication skills)
  • Information about Professional Organizations for Massage Therapists
  • Professional Liability Insurance Sources
  • National Certification Requirements.
  • E-mail notices of job openings (contact the school to be added to the mailing list)
  • Graduate notices of volunteer opportunities, current trends, news, and business building tips.

We have ongoing communication with employers in our area. Many businesses prefer to employ Lakewood Graduates. We maintain listings of current openings. Listings are posted at the school, and sent out by email to graduates who have requested to receive notifications. Call the school to be added to the mailing list!

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If you have any questions, contact the school at: 810-987-3959
Testimonials - Lakewood School - testimonials, therapeutic massage

School Address

1102 6th Street

Port Huron, MI 48060


(810) 987-3959
(810) 956-7334


Open Hours

Mon-Tue 9:00 – 3:00

Wed Closed

Thu 9:00 – 3:00

Fri-Sun Closed

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Graduate Assistant Program (GAP)


The purpose of the Graduate Assistant Program is two fold. It offers Lakewood graduates the opportunity to revisit the massage therapy curriculum without the pressure of study, assignments, and exams. It also is the first step toward teacher apprenticeship. The program is designed to assist the instructors, as well as, the students in class.


The duties and responsibilities vary from clerical tasks to mentoring students by; assisting with the hands-on portion of the class experience, “pairing-up” as needed, and acting as a liaison between the students and the staff.


As an end result, the student who completes the GAP will receive:


  • A Certificate of Completion
    Consideration (if desired) for the Teacher Apprentice Program
  • While completion of this program may eventually lead to employment at the school, there are no guarantees of this. If a graduate wishes to pursue this possibility, they will need to make a separate application to the Teacher Apprentice Program upon completion of the Graduate Assistant Program.


All interested applicants will need to submit a letter of application. Candidates will be interviewed and will require approval from the facility before moving forward.


Employment Postings
Graduates receive lifetime assistance


Lakewood School’s Program meets and exceeds the standards required for State Licensure. We pride ourselves in being a COMTA accredited institution (Commission on Massage Therapy Accreditation), as well as, through the Department of Education.


Due to the quality and standards of our program, employers seek out our graduates. We receive numerous job openings from businesses throughout the State of Michigan.


These standards also extended to the employers seeking out our graduates. Lakewood School has criteria for employers, which must be met in CircleLogoWhite1024 1 1order to post a job listing. This criteria includes: State of Michigan licensing standards, fair protocols and a safe working environment, and compensation.


Once a job listing is approved, it is emailed to all Lakewood Graduates.


Grad Student Premium Rates
Graduates receive a discounted rate on workshops.