The following services are available to all current students and graduates of the Lakewood School

  • Resume and Cover Letters Development
  • State Licensure Assistance
  • Reference Library with a variety of resources about Professional Development (contract negotiation, communication skills)
  • Information about Professional Organizations for Massage Therapists
  • Professional Liability Insurance Sources
  • National Certification Requirements.
  • E-mail notices of job openings (contact the school to be added to the mailing list)
  • Graduate notices of volunteer opportunities, current trends, news, and business building tips.

We have ongoing communication with employers in our area. Many businesses prefer to employ Lakewood Graduates. We maintain listings of current openings. Listings are posted at the school, and sent out by email to graduates who have requested to receive notifications. Call the school to be added to the mailing list!

If you have any questions, contact the school at: 810-987-3959

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